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Spree and Red Badger Meetup Huge Success in London

Posted on May 15, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Spree and Red Badger Meetup Huge Success in London

We are pleased to announce that Wednesday evening’s Meetup, hosted by Red Badger, was a huge success! The event accomplished its goal of kicking off the London Spree Commerce User Group, and featured four keynote speakers, including Spree COO Josh Resnik and developer Peter Berkenbosch, as well as Red Badger co-founders Cain Ullah and David Wynne.

Josh’s presentation keyed in on two themes: First, who Spree is as a company, and second, an explanation of where Spree Commerce fits into the e-commerce marketplace, and who should choose Spree as its platform. Peter followed up by getting into the specifics of the Spree hub, and the new Spree hub user interface. Peter backed up his presentation with a live demo of the hub, including how to build webhooks, defining events and flows, and a step-by-step guide describing how to debug issues that users may come across.

Red Badger co-founders Cain Ullah and David Wynne talked about the Spree hackathon that introduced them to Spree, and their experience building a Spree store in just two days. The Red Badger duo went into specifics of the hackathon process, and what was needed to build the store before demoing the product.

Overall, the night was a great success, as some 40-odd Spree enthusiasts showed up to discuss their experiences, share war stories, and then took off to the pub together for some pizza and beer. A special thanks goes out to Red Badger, who already has the next London Meetup under way for September 3rd, so it’s not too early to make your arrangements!

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