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Rails Girls DC Back at Spree Headquarters

Posted on June 18, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Rails Girls Welcomed Back to Spree Headquarters

For the second time in 2014, Spree Commerce co-hosted a Meetup with Rails Girls DC at our DC-area headquarters. Rails Girls was founded on a mission to give tools and a strong community for women to better understand technology, and help make their ideas a reality. They do this by providing a great programming experience, and by making technology more approachable.

Rails Girls are regulars at our annual SpreeConf sessions, and we are proud to have forged a strong bond with them! Founded in Finland, but now a global, non-profit group of volunteers, Rails Girls is very active worldwide in the Ruby on Rails community, hosting and participating in events around the globe. We recently teamed up for the third time in the last calendar year to discuss the Rails Girls guides, Ruby on Rails basics, how to build an application, present lightning talks and binge on pizza.

You can probably tell that we team up on the regular, so keep an eye out for the next Meetup! You can also keep up with the Rails Girls by visiting their events page to find out where in the world they will be next.

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