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GoDaddy, Spree Co-Host Meetup

Posted on July 28, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

GoDaddy, Spree Commerce Meetup in Sunnyvale, CA

Spree Commerce recently co-hosted a Meetup with GoDaddy, in the latter’s beautiful Sunnyvale, CA headquarters. GoDaddy showed off its Ferrari-built, four-pedal go karts used to race around the track that doubles as a walkway (pedestrians beware). Sad to say, NASCAR star Danica Patrick’s course record has been kept safely out of reach for the mere humans that have tried to match her mark.

On the technical side, GoDaddy welcomed over 30 registrants for its presentation, “The Largest Multi-Tenant Deployment of Spree.” In it, the GoDaddy team explained why an online storefront should be defined as a simple-to-use platform that enables non-technical personnel to build, manage and operate e-commerce websites easily. From an expert’s standpoint, this means Spree was made multi-tenant and integrated with GoDaddy systems. Spree was then deployed in a PCI-compliant environment, and delivered an amazing customer experience.

Spree’s very own Jon Carpenter was on hand to discuss the operational visibility and easy configuration that Wombat (Spree Commerce’s automated e-commerce solution) offers to store owners and developers. Jon shared the storefronts utilized by Spree users Casper, Quarterly and Ayr.

From there, GoDaddy’s fully-stocked kitchen was utilized, while attendees enjoyed a night of networking and collaboration. Both Spree Commerce and GoDaddy are confident that the Meetup was only the beginning of this partnership, so keep an eye out for more events like these in the future!

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